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Greater customer satisfaction will lead to the customer returning again and again which will in turn lead to higher sales of Starbucks products.

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More customers were beginning to agree with the fact the Starbucks cared primarily about making money and building more stores. The prominent difference between the Starbucks of and is the customer satisfaction. And -importantly -- that you don't take them for granted.

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Customers that visit more often, spend more often, and are more loyal tend to be more highly satisfied. They have a more consistent customer base, they have the ability to have personal interaction or relationships, and just by percentages in one city or town there is only going to be so many from the elite circle that can shop in that category.

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Validate Market Research metrics and methods of sampling, data analysis ii. How valuable is a highly satisfied customer to Starbucks? While customer service has declined some, the main issue that should be addressed is the view itself of the Starbucks organization. Don't try to squeeze every last cent out of a customer. The truth is, though, that the comfortable chairs and couches have turned out to be a counterintuitive economic asset. Value proposition: 1 coffee offering highest quality, lots of control over supply chain; 2 service customer intimacy, loyalty of customers, customizing drink in their way; 3 atmosphere providing an upscale yet inviting environment. The first assumption is that the speed of service is the number one influencer of satisfaction and that the additional labour will result in an increase of speed of service. The multiplicity of beverage choices -- and endless customization potential -- is also an acknowledgement of our uniquely empowered and opinionated consumer. Is it possible for the mega brand to deliver customer intimacy? Think of your business in those terms, because attention to the small things sends a big message. The other thing, of course, is that Starbucks venerates its product. Clients adore having a Starbucks area on their ordinary movement course. It had universal appeal. In addition, there would be no need to invest in a store where all customers are highly satisfied and there would be higher need to invest in a store where there is a high percentage of less satisfied customers.

The Starbucks Company also managed to build a work environment for their customers enabling them to work from anywhere they wished to Herlpern, Essence: to get satisfied customers to be highly satisfied. The customer base also grew in that a larger number of Hispanic and Cuban- Americans became a customer of Starbucks.

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The kind of customer Starbucks attracted during this time was white-collar business-type individuals, who were always on the go.

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Starbucks Value Proposition