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Like protagonist Bella, she was raised in Arizona, but explained the process of setting Twilight in an unfamiliar setting on her blog : For my setting, I knew I needed someplace ridiculously rainy.

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For a short while, our mothers' bodies are the boundaries and personal geography which are all that we know of the world. Make the details your characters chose at least as vivid as life, if not more so, as if they are passing through a hi-res lens.

How to describe a bar in a story

Through the close study of a place, its people and character, its crops, products, paranoias, dialects and failures, we come closer to our own reality. Make the details your characters chose at least as vivid as life, if not more so, as if they are passing through a hi-res lens. I typically check my voice mail just once a week. A strong sense of place is important in much of the fiction we write and read, and it has always been almost, if not outright, supremely important in Southern writing, be it fiction, imaginative non-fiction, journalism, and poetry. If not, your highlighter pen remains unused, you probably want to edit that scene! All we really have in terms of detail are those mooing red cows, some cubies curtain booths? Of course, a narrative can't be just about a spirit of place; that is a subject for the lyric poem. Step 1: Start early Set the scene early on — then nudge. Carried off we might be in spirit, and should be, when we are reading or writing something good; but it is the sense of place going with us still that is the ball of golden thread to carry us there and back and in every sense of the word to bring us home.

An author needs his or her characters to have something in common with the reader. Highsmith renders his thoughts in his own language to build the atmosphere, creating an arresting sense of place. Share Post: ASLE seeks to inspire and promote intellectual work in the environmental humanities and arts.

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We are nomadic, both by choice, relocating in surroundings that please us, and more often by necessity. Bengali literature loves the delta, and the images of water and soft silting earth, of lush greenery that you find haunting Tagore and Jibanananda Das and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's marvellous novel, Srikanta.

That means telling the reader where they are in a paragraph or soclose to the start of any new scene.

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On Southern Literature and a Sense of Place