Why the confederacy lost the war essay

The remainder of Confederate territory was too long and too thin, nowhere more than miles deep.

Why the confederacy lost the war essay

Some historians have focused on these factors to such an extent that they forget the military dimension altogether. As historian William C. Reason 2: Strategy One aspect of the Confederate defeat that is debatable is the degree to which the strategy by which they pursued the war was imposed on them by political realities versus how much of it was the result of poor decision-making. Those who emphasize internal causes attribute the failure to breakdowns in Confederate leadership, both political and military, and Rebel errors on the battlefield. The North managed these systems better and ran a more balanced economy to support them. Stiff and austere, he struggled to manage his subordinates and generals. In , with the approach of the presidential election in the North, the Confederates had another opportunity to win the war. One division was between different classes of farmers. The desire was to find and look closer at other errors made, different possible reasons that would contribute to the loss of the Confederacy. After assuming command of all Union armies in March , Grant crushed the Confederacy in about one year.

Some did not support the war from the start. Northerners, on the other hand, though increasingly confident of victory, were concerned that a prolongation of the war could lead to war-weariness and a negotiated settlement.

Twenty-one to seven is a very different thing than seven to twenty-one. The correspondence between them runs throughout the novel.

why the confederacy lost the civil war

Any explanation that does not account for the West is irrelevant to your question. While it is true that the North ultimately bested the South in all three, these advantages were for much of the war either not as great as they appear now, or were not well-applied; and the forces of the Confederacy had some considerable advantages of their own.

In time these things would tell on the battlefield, certainly on the broader level. This paper will briefly explain what Napoleonic warfare is and examine the resources of the North and South They could never venture far away from those areas accessible to the Royal Navy.

Advertisement Advertisement As to the first, it is unlikely that Lincoln would have agreed to a negotiated settlement even if Jefferson Davis had not short-circuited every attempt to achieve one.

The Southern soldiers were disobedient and overconfident because the little guy had been able to achieve amazing victories in previous wars.

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Why the South Lost the Civil War