Write a note on popular control over administration

Even where the Parliament delegates the responsibility to make rules and regulations etc.

Executive control over administration upsc

However, efficiency audit, as it is called, is needed in public administration. The delegation should function under the rules and regulations of the agreement made between the legislature and them. Budgetary System: The budgetary system which determines the total financial and personnel resources which no department may exceed gives the executive an effective means of control over administration. It is an indigenous device to keep the experts responsive to a body of layman. The money is to be spent according to the financial rules. The civil servant has to work within the budgetary allocation. Limitations of Judicial Control: 1. There can be little doubt that a good public personnel management is an effective means of internal control over administration. However, by the s, categorical state systems were strengthened in the United States Racino, in press, , and efforts were made to introduce more disability content into the public policy curricula [42] with disability public policy and administration distinct fields in their own right. It is difficult to exactly assess the extent of influence exerted by pressure groups upon administration, as no factual study has so far been made. Question-Hour: In the parliamentary system, the ministers are the members of the legislature. Third, the petitioner should ordinarily be the same person whose right is being infringed. Error of Authority: Above all, public officials have to act according to a certain procedure as laid down by laws and if they do not follow the prescribed procedure, the courts have a right to question the legality of their action, on appeal from the party affected. Fourth, sometimes the remedies offered by the law courts are inadequate and ineffective. The half hour discussions have become very popular, especially because the normal business sometimes does not provide adequate opportunity for raising question of immediate importance.

The Ministry of Finance and the Comptroller and Auditor-General are the two main agencies which exercise control in this behalf. Such a practice eventually proves harmful to proper functioning of Parliamentary democracy which is based on harmonious combination of the amateur politician and expert administrator.

Requests for grant cannot be revised because they are presented by executive which represents the majority in the Parliament. Occasional visits and tours give the senior officers a fleeting idea of the way the programs are being implemented.

Whenever a bill is introduced for enactment of a new law or amendment of an old Act, the Parliament again gets an opportunity to review the functioning of administration.

A comparison may be made between the work outputs of different branches undertaking similar processes. Due to party system the political parties keep engaging in parochial and partisan affairs.

judicial control over legislature and executive

The House of Representatives frames the charges and the Senate sits as a Court of trial. The public servant today is not a mere docile executor of the public policy but is very largely its initiator and formulator.

Write a note on popular control over administration

These are: i Half-an-hour discussion, and ii Short Discussion. If the minister enjoys the full confidence of the Prime Minister and has a strong base in the party, he can deal effectively with bureaucracy. It provides safeguards for the right and liberties of the citizens. Only certain phases of administration can lend themselves to quantitative measurement. The State thus enjoys immunity from liability in torts, i. They also help in securing the cooperation of the common citizens in the formulation and administration of policy. Public Administration is also influenced by this scientific approach. The Prime Minister in a parliamentary system is the leader of the party returned in majority by the people. Of course, they can also serve the purpose of informing the senior officers about need for change in the public policies in the light of the actual working in the field. A comparison may be made between the work outputs of different branches undertaking similar processes. In fact, there are few private bills presented in the House and still fewer which are accepted. The audit of the accounts is carried by the Audit Department. Limitations of Judicial Control: 1. The system of recall makes the official continuously subject to popular whims and understanding, and thus neglectful of the correct practices of his profession. The judges are only legal experts and they may have little knowledge of the technicalities and complexities of administrative problems.

Efficiency audit is comparatively new technique of control. He argued that public administration is a science because knowledge is generated and evaluated according to the scientific method. No doubt, subversive in the guise of provincialism, linguist, communalism still constitute a great threat to the safety of our country yet the remedy should be sought for, not in the Preventive Detention Act but in the purification of public life through education and other persuasive methods.

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Control over Public Administration