Writing about a special person

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest son in the world.

significant person essay

I just mean that she struggled sometimes trying to get my make me happy. That's why I try to be on my best behavior whenever I go any where.

letter to a special person

How you suggest to go to the small market place in Little Tokyo to buy snacks. How we go grocery shopping together. Beach was my favorite place; I usually went there when I was in feeling, but she did not like the beach at much.

letter for someone special in my life

Love, L. She helped me to study, kept me in calm and bought me drinks and food, so I could focus on the exams. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do to make us happy and secure.

Essay about a person

For example, I remembered clearly one time that she was late for a party and I yelled on her, then we altercated. Moreover, she likes to play no matter what kind of games. We went to the movie theater, went to eat my favorite food and got my major drinks. This is not a valid email, please try again. You love me for who I am now, not what I could be, and for that I can never say, "thank you" enough. But most of all, you love me in a way I have never been loved before--honestly and openly. She can be a center in a crowd easily. But I can promise to love you with the same honesty and openness you have always given me. Well my mom and I never had a lot of money but we were not poor. But this is not the case. Really, that was the funniest day with me, we talked a lot, I forgot why I was sad and headed to the future. Also, I realize how much I have grown to learn about myself. Did I mention she was humble and unselfish? Any subject. I know this as well as I know there is a God in heaven.
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A Most Special Person in My Life Essay Example