Writing about nonfiction texts graphic organizers

Because it has such a predictable pattern or organization, it's easy for students to follow. The recognition and use of text organization are essential processes underlying comprehension and retention.

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Department of Education. As early as the third grade, students are expected to recognize expository text structures. Building academic language Word 10 minutes Display the three picture vocabulary cards for the words visible, glacier, and current.

At this stage, students learn the signal words and phrases in the text that identify each text pattern. Teach students to read for the problem first, and then read for the solution s.

nonfiction graphic organizer middle school

Have advanced ELs repeat instructions and key vocabulary, summarizing important information for the class. Instruct students to copy the main idea onto their own graphic organizer.

These might be used during independent reading time as an exit ticket, during a social studies lesson or during small group instruction.

nonfiction graphic organizer middle school
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How to Teach Expository Text Structure to Facilitate Reading Comprehension