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Advanced, cooperative wireless technology The X-internet will connect all kinds of things in all kinds of spaces.

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What It Means -- No. WAIS, Gopher, and Usenet were the dominant systems, and there were companies that were doing commerce using those software models.

Authoritative and comprehensive, X Internet: The Executable and Extendable Internet examines this new paradigm from practical and strategic perspectives. Many of these capabilities are already in use today by manufacturing, distribution and other vertical enterprises.

Peer-to-peer sensing and interaction must also be complemented by traditional, hierarchical control, when appropriate. While the Internet the wire evolves gradually, the software on the wire can change quickly. Courts, legislators, governments, companies, and other rule makers will have to contend with an empowered and ever more liberated, unruly populace -- armed with technology that allows them to bypass economic toll roads and bridges.

Yes, their brands will remain intact, but their technology will suddenly be very outmoded.

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An X-Internet vehicle information and traffc control system will be able to provide sensing information that can improve traffc fow and safety on our roadways, while also providing information to oeMs and businesses that will help enhance customer relationships and maintain customer loyalty.

From the end-user point of view, the X-internet simplifies everything. One of the upstarts will Amazon Amazon. I call this the "executable Internet," or X Internet, for short.

The X Internet's "smarts everywhere" design will enable an epidemic of Napstering. Devices of the future will observe user behavior and monitor the environment to seamlessly deliver the appropriate content and services.

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